Devotee care at the last moment of their lifes

A few months ago I had some discussions with Radharadya Prabhu (Dr Ludwig Jacob) about giving proper care to ISKCON devotees, especially the elderly who might be preparing to leave their bodies due to ill health.

From the attached “abstract” by Hari-dhama prabhu (Dr Henry Dom from London) you will realize that in order to provide this type of care proper understanding and training are needed. We are looking for suitable devotees in Germany who have a caring nature and interest to provide such specialist care to devotees who are terminally ill.

Therefore we have arranged a 3-hour daily workshop right before Janmastami festival 2016 for such interested devotees to attend from 22nd to 24th August in Goloka Dhama.

Dependent on the interest shown we might run two sessions a day. For this seminar, which will be run in English, to be successful we need interested and dedicated devotees to apply. Therefore to attend registration will be necessary. The registration is limited to 15 persons per session.

The criteria for attending this spiritual care workshop can be one or more of the following:

– aptitude and passion for the subject

– previous training and/or experience

– long-term commitment

You are invited to please read the attachments and register your interest as soon as possible.

The attendees must commit themselves to this service and attend all future workshop or online training. It’s a long term commitment we are seeking from them.

It is our intention to build on this effort so that such care becomes part of our social fabric here in Germany.

Your servant

Gaurahari dasa